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For the first game in the medal round, the United States played the Soviets. went on to clinch the gold medal by beating Finland in their final match of the tournament.

achieved several notable victories, including a 2–2 draw against Sweden, and a 7–3 upset victory over second-place favorites Czechoslovakia.

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Every matchup matters as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors prepare to stage a best-of-seven battle for rights to the NBA's Larry O'Brien Trophy.

It is these advantages and disadvantages that will determine who walks away as a champion, and who leaves as a historical footnote. In addition to the five starters, we're taking a gander at benches and coaches. Both regular-season and playoff performances will play a part in determining which team is awarded the edge in each area.

Additionally, we'll notify you if people joined a game you created or if a game you joined was approved or closed.

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By contrast, the United States' team—led by head coach Herb Brooks—consisted exclusively of amateur players, and was the youngest team in the tournament and in U. The advent of the state-sponsored "full-time amateur athlete" of the Eastern Bloc countries further eroded the ideology of the pure amateur, as it put the self-financed amateurs of the Western countries at a disadvantage.This means that if you don't open the app at the right time, you're going to miss opportunities to play.Match Up offers location based notifications, meaning that if a game is created near you - you'll know.With Match Up, anyone, regardless of friend status, will be able to find and join your games.And utilizing Facebook means that before a game is approved for play, each of the game's players will be able to view each other's profiles to make sure they seem a safe and fair opponent.

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